My Personalised Blogging Notebooks (And Mug!)

* Disclaimer: I wasn't paid/asked to do this post. I just wanted to share!
Recently I was contacted by the lovely people over at Getting Personal who offered to gift me a personalised notebook and mug featuring my blog design. Naturally I jumped at the chance - especially as I had just re-designed my header and was feeling very professional. Within a few days my treats had arrived and I was so pleased with how they turned out! As soon as I received the email I hopped straight over to their site and was amazed by the variety of their products! Getting Personal is an online store filled with hundreds of personlisable products, ranging from phone cases to wine racks, nursery books to cushion covers. Naturally being the cat-lover that I am, these two products were my favourite: the Personalised Cat Pet Tag and the Cat Silhouette Wall Clock.
But, on to my notebooks* and mug*. The notebooks are A5, ringbound and feature 50 lined pages inside. The cover is hard and not at all flimsy, and has a glossy finish. For my notebooks, I had my header design printed in the middle of a plain white background. But there are so many different designs on the website that you can choose from. You can also opt to have plain paper rather than lined, which I think is a really cool idea. Take a look here at all of the different designs! They're really good quality notebooks, and the fact that they're personalised as well makes the price even more amazing. I'll be using my notebooks for anything to do with my blog, whether that's to jot down blog post ideas or to write blog-related to do lists! Finally, my matching mug. Same design and background, but still very cute. I would prefer a larger mug for something like hot chocolate and whipped cream, but for teas and coffees, or peppermint tea which is what I drink, it's a great size. Again it's great quality, and features a little sticker on the bottom that recommends hand washing, which is what I'll definitely be doing! I've had a little browse of their personalised mugs, and I came across this one which I think would make a perfect gift for any tea/coffee lover!


  1. So cool! I'd love a wee mug with my logo on, but I change my mind about it so much that it'd be out of date within a few months haha. xx

    Charlotte / Colours & Carousels

    1. I know, same! I had JUST gotten my header re-designed when I was contacted, I was quite lucky really because my old one was hideous haha! I l-o-v-e your logo though, I think it would look SO cute on a mug! xx

  2. Thats so awesome! Going to take a look at their site now!

    Renee | Lose The Road

  3. This is so cute! i think every blogger should treat themselves to a notebook or mug ;) Recently followed on twitter and now on BL. Been looking through your blog and it's lovely! x

  4. These are so adorable! Such a lovely idea :) xx

    lillies and lipbalm


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