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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Blogging Basics: Photo Backgrounds

Heeeeeey. Today I thought I'd share some 'insider secrets' (ugh) about blogging, by showing you a few things that I use as backgrounds for my photos for almost every post. Note that I try to keep the background colourings fairly complimentary of each other: I use lots of pinks, greys, florals and lace prints. That way, despite the photo topic, the main colour scheme of my blog always ties in together.

1. Wallpaper Samples. Perfect if you're on a budget, as they're usually free! I frequent B&Q and The Range to pinch some wallpaper samples, although most large DIY/home décor stores should have some. I try and get as large a piece as I can without drawing attention to myself, as it's a lot easier to photograph a lot of products together. Also, look out for the textured wallpapers. The one I've featured above (which is from The Range) has a really cool texture, which adds a little something extra to an otherwise flat photograph.
2. Place Mats. The place mat above (top right) is from Ikea and cost me a mere 75p. Again, I'm sure a lot of other places do nice ones, including supermarkets and places like Wilkinson's. They're usually really easy to clean too, so if you're a beauty blogger it'd be perfect, as any nasty make-up marks can be simply wiped away.
3. Notebooks. I have a thing for pretty notebooks that I don't need, so it's always handy when they can be used as a blog photo background, too. This one (top left) is from Tesco and cost about £4. I use a lotttt of notebooks in my blog photos (here's another) just because they're so sturdy, easy to quickly grab, and there are so many gorgeous patterns - it'd be silly not to!
4. Storage Box Lids. I used to use this storage box lid all. the. time for blogging last year. It's from Asda, and came in a 3 piece set, which cost £10. Again, the same as the notebooks - they're just really sturdy and are quick and easy to grab and use.
5. Clothing. I have quite a few jumpers and scarves that I've used over the past few months for blogging. The most recent one being this one, which is actually a jumper from New Look. I usually go for knitted items, just because I think it adds a different, textural edge to the photos.
6. Bedding. I've done this a lot recently, mostly because I adore my current bedding. It's so much easier to photograph larger items, or busier photos, on your bed because the surface is massive!
I hope that this post was helpful, and wasn't too full of obvious things haha. I wanted to keep it quite simple, and to not go into props and things, mostly because I haven't quite figured out that side of things myself! Let me know what you would like to see next as part of my Blogging Basics series, and I'll do my best to throw together a post for you!


  1. I don't do a lot of product photography but when I do I tend to either us my living room rug or walls for background - so uncreative. Great ideas here though and some I hadn't thought of. I once saw a great set up for small items involving a laptop background - like this https://jessigned.wordpress.com/tag/product-photography/

    1. I used to be very same-same with my blog photos, but using different backgrounds does make a difference! Thank you for the comment x

  2. I don't do much product photography for my blog I will be honest. But I find for eBay my black coffee table top works wonders, sometimes having a dark background can really make colours pop in whatever it is your photographing.

    1. Totally. There's a £5 white coffee table in Ikea that I might invest in as I can imagine it'd be perfect for a white background! x

  3. No these weren't too obvious, I would never think to use half of them, the most adventurous I get is using my bed! I shouldn't care about backgrounds because i'm a lazy blogger but I do want to have prettier photos!

    Amy at Amy & More

    1. Oh good, I'm glad they weren't too obvious! I do try my best to be imaginative haha x

  4. I mostly use bedding as a background! I want to crochet a background to use though!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  5. The place mat is so smart, I usually only use my bedding. Great tips! x


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