3 Easy Steps for Going Cruelty Free

Hihi! Today I thought I'd do a little advice post, by giving you guys three easy steps for converting to a cruelty free/vegan/vegetarian lifestyle!

Surround yourself with cruelty free/vegan social media accounts and blogs. I went on a huge social media purge over the new year, and unfollowed a bunch of Pinterest boards, blogs and social media accounts that weren't cruelty free. It wasn't anything against these people and their blogs, but I just felt like their content wasn't relevant to me anymore. Now, scrolling through my Instagram feed and seeing people's vegan meals and reading cruelty free beauty reviews on blogs, it's made such a positive impact on my lifestyle. We are easily influenced by what surrounds us, so why not surround yourself with positivity and encouragement?
Research. I think that this was the most hard-hitting, eye-opening step for me. When I decided to go vegetarian, I ordered this magazine from the Peta website and I was stunned to read some of the articles about the way that animals are treated before and after they are killed for the meat industry. Whether it's reading more information about the animals treatment, or it's just researching products and companies that are cruelty free, you will feel a lot more level headed and confident about your lifestyle changes if you understand the reasons behind them.
Take it slow. I'm doing this step myself - I'm not currently a vegan, but I'm working up to it. I'm also doing this with my cruelty free transition. I'm only buying products that I need to replace, for example a new deodorant and toothpaste etc. I think it not only helps being cruelty free, but it also opens up product options that you might not have considered before! By making gradual changes, it gives you a chance to ease in to this new lifestyle, so it wont be so much of a shock for you and your body.
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  1. I'm not a veggie but I think I'm definitely going to make more of an effort to make sure all my beauty products, etc are cruelty free!


  2. I've been eating vegetarian for almost a month now, and I haven't found it too difficult! I need to have a good look at all the products I own and start going through them to see what is good and what isn't, but I think I've been doing okay! xD


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